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Serving With Vision

Growing up in one of the poorest counties in Tennessee, Dr. Linda Tharp was encouraged to keep her career goals simple. 

“The emphasis was, ‘you can teach but you can’t do anything else,’” said Tharp. But a childhood spent reading to her great-grandmother, who never learned to read or write, gave Tharp the motivation to help others protect and improve their vision. She has now been a practicing optometrist for 27 years, received two appointments to the Tennessee State
Board of Optometry, and is the owner of Tharp’s Optical Boutique. 

“I enjoy people, I enjoy knowing about the families,” said Tharp. “I’ve been here so long that I see some of my patients’ children come in.” 

Despite her credentials and experience, Dr. Tharp did not always receive support while growing her business. “Many financial institutions weren’t interested in loaning to women and minority women in particular,” she recalled. Her commercial banking relationship changed when she was referred to Senior Vice President Gideon Scoggin. 

“He looked at me as an individual. He was very, very helpful and open with the banking parts I wasn’t familiar with,” said Tharp. She has since used Financial Federal for both business services and her personal mortgage, home equity line of credit, and deposit accounts. “They were absolutely wonderful with walking me through all the scenarios I needed to make business banking possible, as well as the personal side.” 

The Bank’s commitment to and involvement with local business owners reflect Dr. Tharp’s own philosophy of service. “It’s really important to get out in the community. It helps with credibility because people see that you care.” 

Learn more about Dr. Tharp in her Memphis Daily News profile

For more information on Tharp’s Optical Boutique, contact Gideon Scoggin.

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