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When Kevin Crutcher moved to Memphis from Nashville six years ago, he was already focused on providing the city’s residents with more comfort and security as a Nationwide Insurance agent. It was a natural fit for him to expand his long-standing passion for property development in his new home as well.

Crutcher entered the Memphis market having been told there was a shortage of rental housing. After doing his own research, however, he found that the true shortage was of high quality yet affordable rentals that instilled pride in place. He took this need as motivation for his own renovations.

Crutcher’s first local purchase was a 7-unit, midcentury apartment building in the Memphis Medical District. To reach its full potential, the property required extensive renovations that he coordinated and completed himself. As a participant in the MMDC’s Emerging Developer program, Crutcher was tuned in to the district’s needs and well prepared to meet them with the help of his wife, Sonya, who handles administration and property management for their company, Reboot Realestate LLC.

The revitalized building was soon fully leased and Crutcher looked to refinance the hard-money loan taken out for the multifamily project. A perpetual planner, he knew how to help make the process go as smoothly as possible. Through a mutual connection at the MMDC and with insight gained from the developer program, Crutcher knew the options and process for refinancing.

“Eric Beaty and Shawna Engel wanted to come out to see what I was doing with the property, and left really able to hear my heart,” said Crutcher. “When they went back to their team, they went as my advocates with a real belief in the project.”

This approach toward partnership created an ongoing relationship with Financial Federal refinancing the original Garden Flats property as well as a nearby duplex. Crutcher found a connection with the Bank that reflects his own work ethic.

“I don’t cut corners. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right the first time,” he said. “That’s exactly what I was looking for in a banking partner, and I found it in Financial Federal.”

For more information on Reboot Realestate LLC, contact Eric Beaty


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