Leading The Field

Most presidential terms are four or eight years, but at National Guard Products (NGP), presidents have a slightly longer commitment.

“We’re working on the succession planning for my sons. Foster will be the third president we’ve had in 80 years, and his brother Lewie serves as CEO,” said current company head Chuck Smith

National Guard Products was founded by Chuck’s father Charles in 1935 and has been in its current 160,000-square-foot manufacturing facility for the last 18 years. The company makes architectural door hardware for schools, hospitals, and other non-residential uses, which are then distributed by their sales representatives throughout the country.    

Along with a family legacy of service, Chuck Smith brings another passion to NGP. A look at the company’s website or catalogs reveals that Chuck is an avid outdoorsman and conservationist. He currently serves as National Secretary for Ducks Unlimited, Inc. and has been working with Financial Federal to expand land holdings around his Circle T duck camp in Stuttgart, Arkansas. 

“Whenever farm ground comes up for sale around me, I’m interested in it,” said Smith. “I’ve been working with Ruth Carr, and whatever I tell her I need to do on a deal, she figures out a way to do it. It’s been a great partnership.”

“Ruth has appointed herself VP of the Agricultural Lending Division – and I’m one hundred percent of her business,” joked Smith. 

For more information on National Guard Products, contact Ruth Carr.

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