Looking out for the Team

The importance of teamwork was impressed on attorney Jeff Germany long before he partnered with Craig Morton to form their law firm Morton & Germany in 1997. As an Arkansas Razorback and later a volunteer football coach at Manassas High School, the program made famous in the film Undefeated, Germany knows that trust and commitment are essential for a winning partnership. He takes personal and professional inspiration from Manassas’ head coach Bill Courtney. “He’s an amazing fella and a great friend,” said Germany. “I had the privilege of being around some pretty great coaches as a kid and my college days as a football player, and Bill is about as inspiring as they come.”

In his practice, Germany often finds himself working with individuals and organizations during their most challenging times. His group works with banks, including Financial Federal, as they manage secured loans that have become at risk, solidifying their standing through negotiation, forbearance, rehabilitations, or if necessary, litigation. Most of his focus is on commercial loans, and it is his goal to help the businesses on both sides of the table. “Sometimes we show people how to fix a problem in ways that are better off for everyone,” said Germany.

While Financial Federal is a Morton & Germany client, Jeff Germany is also a customer of Financial Federal. He has worked with Gideon Scoggin on a number of commercial loans and Ruth Carr for other personal deposit and loan accounts. Germany’s familiarity with the banking industry makes him appreciate these connections all the more.

“Worlds like banking can turn into a real formula-based approach where they’re filling out a series of sterile forms and reaching conclusions,” said Germany. “But at Financial Federal, there’s a more traditional style of banking where they’re trying to get to know you and figure out your specific situation.”

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