Sharing Family Values

Like fellow Financial Federal customer Terry Kerr, George and Jerry Couloubaritsis began their company with a single home purchase. After helping a friend buy a house, the brothers continued in property sales, eventually formalizing their business as Mid-South Realty in 1992. 

“I was a commercial lender prior to that but didn’t want to be in banking long-term,” said George. “We both had interest in real estate, and both went to college in town – Jerry at Rhodes and me at CBU – and we saw Memphis grow during that timeframe. We felt we could represent people in the purchase of their residences as well as their investment and commercial properties.”

The firm now operates on three different tiers: property ownership and management, property brokerage, and property tax representation. Working with the increasingly fast-paced real estate market in Memphis requires a banking partner with quick reflexes, which is why the Couloubaritsis brothers have been working with Financial Federal in various ways for nearly two decades. With his background in banking, George has a particular appreciation for extraordinary service. 

“It’s unique that Financial Federal is so close to the customer and your contact can let you know what they can do. They helped us when we were acquiring a large convenience store,” said George. “A lot of banks weren’t too excited about that project, but as in all of the instances in which they finance us, you get a really fast response.” 

“Tom Michael will give me a response usually within a day – if he said they’re going to do it, I move forward without any sort of formal approval,” added Jerry. “If they give you a verbal okay, I’ve got the confidence to move forward.”

For more information on Mid-South Realty, contact Gideon Scoggin.

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