Making Fast Friends

Realtor Meredith McDonald has been selling homes with Hobson Realtors in Memphis for thirty years, and her relationship with Financial Federal goes back to the beginning.

“When I started selling real estate, John Loebel was doing a seminar and he charmed the whole room. I’ll never forget thinking, ‘I want to use him.’”

A banking partnership isn’t the only connection McDonald has maintained since those earliest days when she would pack her young children into the car to go along to last-minute showings.

“I love out-of-towners. I adopt them and become their first friend in town,” said McDonald. “I’ve had new people to Memphis ask me to pick up their sick kids at school because they don’t know anyone else. Clients from 20 years ago will call me and ask if I know a good painter.”

McDonald also has a consistent partner in her husband, Paul, who co-lists all properties with her. “We don’t do every showing together, but we pinch hit for each other. It’s great to have a partner who understands exactly what you’re doing.”

After helping homeowners through residential lending for three decades, McDonald has a deep appreciation for a bank that makes the process seamless. “John always makes it fun. Once you turn the contract over to Financial Federal, you don’t have to do anything else. If they say it’s going to be done, it will be.

“Financial Federal gets so much return business – people just tend to go back to them. They’re very competitive and creative.”

That loyalty has been passed down in the McDonald family: those kids who once sat in the back seat during house showings have both gotten business loans from Financial Federal. “Their whole group treats you like a friend,” said McDonald. “It’s just a good group of people.”

To learn more about Meredith McDonald's real estate career, read her Memphis Daily News profile.

For more information on Hobson Realtors, contact John Loebel.

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