Partnering For The Future

Makowsky Ringel Greenberg, LLC (MRG) has been developing and managing multi-family properties in Memphis since 1967. From its roots as Professional Management Associates and later as Makowsky & Ringel, the firm placed its focus on developing and renovating thousands of apartment units across Memphis and northern Mississippi. MRG eventually broadened its vision into other types of commercial real estate as well as brokerage and property management and now operates approximately 6000 rental units and more than a million square feet of commercial property.

Since 2000, MRG has been operated by principals Gary Makowsky, Jimmy Ringel and Michael Greenberg, the second generation of leadership for the firm. Their long-standing relationships in the community reflect and include their partnership with Financial Federal. 

“Our founders were working with some of the Financial Federal bankers before Financial Federal even existed,” said MRG CEO Michael Greenberg. “I came in 1991, but we’ve been with Financial Federal since they opened the doors. Our relationship is multi-generational.” In his role, Greenberg coordinates all acquisition, disposition, and financing for Makowsky Ringel Greenberg’s internal portfolio, so he has a close connection to the firm’s banking activities. The majority of their business with Financial Federal involves multi-family transactions. 

“They execute that flawlessly,” said Greenberg. “From the way they run the bank to the people they hire, they consistently go above and beyond. Every touch point has been wonderful.” 

Michael Greenberg has also worked with Financial Federal for his personal banking, including refinancing his own home. “These people have been taking care of us for so long, I know I’ll always be able to get what I need.”

For more information on Makowsky Ringel & Greenberg, LLC, contact Steve Sutton.

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