Lending Criteria

Property Location
:  Nationwide

  5-25 years/20-30 years

Interest Rate:
  Fixed- and floating-rates available

Personal Liability:
  Generally non-recourse to the Borrower and Principals, except for standard carve-outs

  Allowed with Lender approval and 1% assumption fee

LTV Max:
 Varies by property type; up to 80% on multifamily and 70-75% on other properties

DCR Min:
  Varies by property type, usually 1.25 minimum

Loan Servicing: 
 Retained by Financial Federal for the life of the loan, currently servicing over $1 billion in commercial loans

For more information please contact one of our commercial/multifamily bankers listed below by phone number and email:

Memphis Office:
(901) 759-2134 - Rick Wood
(901) 759-2120 - Jon Van Hoozer

Nashville Office:

(615) 297-1096 - Steve Curnutte
(615) 297-1095 - Battle Williford