HankHill Landing

Built on Teamwork

Hank Hill’s relationship with Financial Federal goes back even farther than the Bank’s beginnings. “I met Kent Wunderlich in ninth grade, playing football,” said Hill. “He was one of my closest friends.” 

The friendship continued as Hill became a homebuilder and Wunderlich pursued a law career. The two were still working as a team, however, with Wunderlich handling Hill’s real estate closings. When the future Financial Federal CEO left his law practice, he moved to an office space in Hill’s headquarters. 

As the Bank was growing, Hank Hill Co. was expanding and taking on new categories in Memphis. After focusing on infill developments, Hill began work on one of the first subdivisions on Mud Island in the early 1990s. Most local banks were hesitant to sign on to such an ambitious project during a recession, but as an organization founded on personal relationships, Financial Federal jumped at the opportunity to work with a trusted, experienced builder. 

From that point on, Hank Hill moved all of his banking to Financial Federal and enjoyed the same attention for his construction loans and business banking. 

“Ruth Carr, William Tayloe, Kent – they operate as such a team,” said Hill. “If you go to another bank, you get a loan officer who is an information taker, and it goes to a committee who doesn’t know you. When working with Financial Federal, each party knows each other well. From the beginning, you’re dealing with the decision makers.” 

For more information on Hank Hill Co., contact Ruth Carr.

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