Sharing a Community Vision

Dickens Built calls their home building approach “family-focused,” and it’s not just a description of their developments. The father-son team of Doug and Chris Dickens has been working together since 2006 to realize their shared concept of the modern neighborhood.

Doug Dickens began his career in real estate development around 1980 with a focus on urban development. He and his building partners would identify areas that were not getting their best uses and then work to create more cohesive, functional communities through redevelopment. At the time, a lawyer named Kent Wunderlich worked as their closing attorney, even sharing office space while he transitioned into his new role as head of Financial Federal. Doug has held a line of credit with the Bank since its beginnings, giving him the flexibility to go in and out of the early phases of projects. 


When one of his partners was ready to retire, Doug began working with son Chris on infill developments in the Collierville area. The family’s partnership with Financial Federal spanned the next generation, as the Bank financed their land purchases and the majority of their construction. One of their current projects, Natchez Place, clearly reflects their design and development philosophies. The homes of Natchez Place feature the early-20th century architectural details that characterize Collierville’s historic town square, which is just steps away. 

Having an established, personal relationship with a lender has been a benefit for Dickens Built. “Financial Federal and I go back so far that we can start at almost any level,” said Doug. “Wherever we come in on a project, they’re ready to go.”

Learn more about Dickens Built in their Memphis Daily News profile.

For more information on Dickens Built, contact John Summers.

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