ClarkButcher Landing

Racing to New Heights

When Clark Butcher opened Victory Bicycle Studio in 2010, Memphis was rated one of the worst cities in the country for biking by Bicycling Magazine. The city then made a concerted effort to improve its bike-friendly infrastructure, and in 2012 was ranked Most Improved by the same publication. Butcher’s business has been along for the ride as interest and support of cycling have grown in Memphis and beyond. 

In 2017, Butcher opened Pedaltown Bicycle Company, a more hobbyist-focused complement to Victory’s high-end training and racing gear. Both shops put an emphasis on connecting with customers online. Social media posts featuring his own customers are Butcher’s favorite source of marketing, especially if they’re externally generated. “When I see someone talking online about loving their bike and it came from Victory, that’s the best feeling,” said Butcher. 

Clark Butcher developed a residential banking partnership with Financial Federal’s Judson Williford, Senior Vice President, Residential Lending, after serving him as a Victory customer. He appreciated the Bank’s overall service philosophy and expanded into working with Gideon Scoggin, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking, for his business banking services. With the amount of custom builds the shops do, it’s helpful to have an available line of credit during the assembly process, especially when multiple projects are underway. “I like to know the person on the other end of the line. That’s what gives me comfort,” said Butcher. “Everything is relationship-based.” 

Butcher especially appreciated the Bank’s personal touch when he was traveling during the process of his mortgage services and home equity line of credit, working with both Judson and Ginny Johnson, Assistant Vice President, Personal Lending - Equity Credit Lines. “I asked Judson to call someone to send in documents. Instantly he texted back that he had it and to go enjoy vacation,” said Butcher. That level of service is something Victory and Pedaltown pride themselves on as well. “When my customers are stressing about their equipment, I love sending them that message.”

For more information on Victory Bicycle Studio, contact Judson Williford.

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