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Pressing Forward

From the height of the printing press era to the dawn of the digital age, few industries have experienced as much dramatic technological change over the last 150 years as commercial printing. Still, Toof American Digital has remained a consistent leader in the field since 1864. From their headquarters in the river/rail/road distribution hub of Memphis, the company is able to distribute and direct-mail thousands of printed pieces across North America every single day. In the age of digital printing and overnight shipping, Toof American Digital is able to get completed projects to 80% of the U.S. within two days.

“Print orders are smaller but more frequent,” said owner Stilly McFadden. “People are printing six weeks worth of brochures rather than six months because they want the flexibility to change them.”

To maintain the level of adaptability required as the industry changes, the business needs an agile banking partner. When Stilly McFadden took ownership in 2003, he added the company’s real estate projects to his existing personal banking relationship with Financial Federal that included business banking and mortgage services with private banker, Ruth Carr. One of the largest was Toof’s 2018 expansion and renovation of their Pilot Drive location in Memphis.  The nine-month project allowed the Company to consolidate all of its operations under one roof and accommodate the more compact footprint required for today’s digital technology.

“Eric Beaty helped set up some very flexible financing options to pay for construction, arranged to work with us on existing debt to help with cash flow during the build-out, as well as servicing our old debt,” said McFadden. “They listen to the issues you have, especially from a financial perspective, and I’ve never had them not come up with a solution for me.”

For more information on Toof American Digital, contact Ruth Carr.

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