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Providing Creature Comfort

When Dr. Jim Morse and Dr. Craig Grant met as freshmen at Mississippi State University, they had no idea that their instant friendship would someday lead to a business partnership. The son of a veterinarian, Grant followed his father’s path and joined the staff of a Collierville veterinary hospital, while occasionally doing relief work at his father’s Clarksdale, MS practice. Morse pivoted from plans of medical school and a career in ophthalmology to veterinary medicine to create a more balanced family life. After five years in practice, he became an associate at Shelby Center Hospital for Animals (SCHA) in 2006.

It soon became Dr. Morse’s goal to get his old friend to join him at the Memphis clinic, but it took multiple tries and nearly a decade to make the move. Although he continues to help out once a week in Clarksdale, Miss., Dr. Grant became an associate at SCHA in 2013. The two set out with a goal of purchasing SCHA and in 2018 finally completed the process, thanks in part to another long-time friend of Morse’s, Financial Federal Senior Vice President, Gideon Scoggin.

“I had been friends with Gideon since my high school days. He was one of my younger brother’s best friends,” said Morse. “Once I got all the numbers for the business loan put together, he made things really easy from there. He took a lot of the legwork away from us, and that made it run a lot more smoothly and a lot more quickly.”  

Now that the practice is officially in their hands, Drs. Grant and Morse are focused on the future. “Our goal now is to do the best that we possibly can for our patients and our clients and provide a good working environment for our large staff,” said Morse. “We realize that being business partners is a marriage and hopefully we’ll stay married for a long time.”

For more information on Shelby Center Hospital for Animals, contact Gideon Scoggin.

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