A Line of Success

After an upbringing in the mortgage business, Richard Robinson ventured out on his own into the car industry, becoming the founder of Robinson Toyota. He didn’t lose touch with his roots, however – the seed money for the dealership came from Financial Federal, where he had a strong connection.

“Half of their employees came from National Mortgage Company, our family’s business,” said Robinson. “I can walk through their offices and feel like I know 50 percent of their people.”

Before opening his dealership, Robinson spent 20 years working with his father at their mortgage company. It was an experience that shaped his own perspective as an entrepreneur and his expectations as a loan customer.

“Working with my dad was incredible. A lot of people can’t work with family, but I loved it,” said Robinson. Richard’s own son Joseph is now part of the Robinson Toyota family. “He’s a whole lot smarter than I am and I can’t wait to let him run more of it.”

Robinson’s future plans also include more time at his vacation home in Arizona. He’s also passed down his appreciation for the Bank’s commitment to timely, personalized service.

“Anytime I’ve ever needed anything, whether it’s for me or my kids, I just pick up the phone and call Tom Michael or Ruth Carr in Private Banking. My daughter lives in Chicago and they did everything for her home loan via mail or electronically,” said Robinson. “Whenever I had to come in, I’d spend more time catching up than anything else. I can’t tell you how easy it is. They’re great to deal with.”

For more information on Robinson Toyota, contact Ruth Carr.

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