Insulating Against Adversity

Tucked into an unassuming warehouse in North Memphis, a small insulation contractor has developed into a growing family dynasty. Austin Insulation was formerly Young Insulation out of St. Louis until manager Wayne Austin decided to purchase the operation in 2007. The company, which focuses on installing and maintaining industrial insulation in chemical plants, powerhouses, and other large-scale, high-need locales, is now operated by Wayne, his wife Debbie, and their two sons, Wesley and Matt. 

“We find chemical plants like a one-stop shop,” said Wayne. “If they can find one contractor that can do all the work for them, they like that.” 

Austin Insulation didn’t always include so many Austins. Matt spent nine years as a bank examiner in St. Louis before joining the family business. That experience provided valuable background when A.I. was looking to create more flexibility for growth. Matt worked with Ben Sutton at Financial Federal to secure an expanded line of credit.

“I think Financial Federal is right in that size where customer service is important to them but they can make the decision in-house,” Matt said. “We’d presented our request to another bank and they were smaller and their board had just met so it might be another month before they could look at it. With Ben and Steve Sutton, it was easily done within three to four days.”

Austin Insulation is known for having this same high regard for quick and personal customer service. When a chemical plant has a problem at 2 a.m., the Austins answer the call, and that dedication has won them deep loyalty from their clients. 

“We try to give the customer what they want – what they expect. If you give me your handshake, I’ll do the job,” said Wayne. “That’s how family-based businesses work,” added Wesley. “You have to go above and beyond.”   

For more information on Austin Insulation, contact Eric Beaty (ebeaty [at] finfedmem [dot] com).