Timing Is Everything

The instinct in real estate is often to move quickly, but sometimes patience is key. With the property at 6450 Poplar under ownership of Fogelman Investment Company for several years, the sale of the property for the development of the International Paper IV building, and positive economic trends, Robert Fogelman felt that the opportunity to develop the Poplar-facing lot became apparent.

With the full understanding of the demographics of the area, the traffic flow, and high visibility of Poplar, it was important to reconsider the property for the most appropriate use.

The ultimate decision was a beautiful 30,000 square foot, single story, high-end retail development. With entrances on International Place and on Poplar, and the potential addition of a traffic light, the property is well positioned for success. 

The new development is also in the shadow of Financial Federal’s new headquarters at 1715 Aaron Brenner Drive. Robert Fogelman is no stranger to real estate development, but despite years in the local industry, he had never worked with Financial Federal. 

“After asking peers in the business community, the responses I got overwhelmingly led me to Steve Sutton at Financial Federal. I was told that Steve had a deep knowledge of commercial real estate and he and Financial Federal were extremely easy to work with. I found all those things to be true,” said Fogelman. “While it is my first experience working with Financial Federal, it will certainly not be my last. The customer service that came with the experience was a breath of fresh air.”

While the group is not sharing tenants yet, they are anticipating great additions to the area with a scheduled opening in the first half of 2016.

For more information, contact Steve Sutton.

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