Powering the Future

Everyone needs batteries. As we move ever faster into a cord-cutting world, the demand is only increasing. It was this built-in growth that set Tom Wilson on the path to head Allegiant Power, which is now the largest battery buying group and distributor of wholesale batteries in North America.

Headquartered in Naples, FL, Allegiant Power’s leadership has worked with members across the US and Canada for over 40 years. Allegiant’s focus is the battery specialist market that sells consumers everything battery-related, providing power for anything from watches and telephones to boats and recreational vehicles. The three Memphis-area employees, including Wilson’s partner Noel Sutton, have been working with customers in the region for many decades.

“I don’t look at it like I have a J-O-B; I look at it like I have a bunch of friends across the continent that I get to work with,” said Wilson. “I started out in the business 20 years ago with my father, so I’ve known a lot of them since I was a little kid.”

Wilson finds a lot of similar attributes within his deposit and commercial banking relationship with Financial Federal.

“Financial Federal has a good small company feel to it even though they’re a large bank. It’s exactly how we are,” said Wilson. “We’re both really easy to do business with.”

For more information on Allegiant Power, contact Gideon Scoggin.

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