Whether you need to purchase, refinance, or build an income producing or owner occupied property, we have the ability and expertise to finance your commercial real estate.

For more information please contact one of our commercial/multifamily bankers listed below by email:

Memphis Office:

Rick Wood (rwood [at] finfedmem [dot] com) 
Jon Van Hoozer (jvanhoozer [at] finfedmem [dot] com) 
Ben Sutton (bsutton [at] finfedmem [dot] com) 
Eric Beaty (ebeaty [at] finfedmem [dot] com) 
Gideon Scoggin (gscoggin [at] finfedmem [dot] com)
Alex Neale (aneale [at] finfedmem [dot] com)

Nashville Office:

Steve Curnutte (scurnutte [at] finfedmem [dot] com) 
Battle Williford (bwilliford [at] finfedmem [dot] com)