Sit, Stay, Heal

In the mid-1980s, veterinarian Dr. Kathy Mitchener began her career in the emerging field of veterinary oncology. This complex arena of care eventually became the majority of her work, and in 2004 it was her primary focus as she opened Angel Care Cancer Center for Animals. 

After decades of treating patients in such dire circumstances, Dr. Mitchener reached a point of emotional fatigue. “I was struggling and one of my colleagues suggested I try something different. I decided to learn acupuncture and try to apply it to my cancer patients. It became so exciting and I saw that it has many far-reaching applications.” 

As she practiced acupuncture and other alternative therapies on more patients, Dr. Mitchener realized that her loud, bustling clinic was not an ideal environment. She sought another location, and when a former cat hospital became available, she contacted Financial Federal at the referral of her real estate agent. 

“From the start to the day we signed the loan, it was the easiest, most positive experience I’ve ever had,” Mitchener said. “Financial Federal was right there – I could pick up the phone if I had a question. They were just so accessible.”

Mitchener appreciated that Financial Federal understood her goal and worked with her to make it happen. “I feel like they took a risk. Even though I had a track record, it still felt like a risk for them.” 

Angel Care Natural Healing and Acupuncture now provides massage, rehabilitative therapy, laser therapy, and other non-pharmaceutical treatments within a cozy, welcoming cottage. Securing the perfect location has advanced Dr. Mitchener’s mission. “I want it to be a place of wellness and happiness. When you walk in and feel happy and hopeful, dogs sense that.” 

Learn more about Angel Care Cancer Center for Animals in their Memphis Daily News profile.

For more information on Angel Care Cancer Center for Animals, contact Eric Beaty.

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