Financial Federal joins network of mortgage lenders

Published on: January 13, 2020


Financial Federal Bank has joined a lender network to help expand the Memphis-based bank’s presence nationwide.

Financial Federal has become a member of Commercial Real Estate Capital Advisors (CRECA), which comprises mortgage banking firms in 10 markets:  Boston; Chicago; Cincinnati; Fresno, Calif.; Nashville (Also Financial Federal Bank); Orlando; Portland; Richmond, Va.; and Washington, DC.

Commercial Real Estate Capital Advisors was founded in 2012 to exchange market information and knowledge and to build lending relationships. The network is designed to strengthen each firm and provide borrowers with a national lending resource.

Financial Federal joined the network in December and will represent Memphis and Nashville within the network.

“The association with CRECA connects our production offices in Memphis and Nashville with an experienced group of professionals across the U.S. who frequently access bridge lenders, interest-only lenders, and lenders seeking an unusual construction project,” Rick Wood, Financial Federal executive vice president, said in a prepared statement.

 “Having optional lending sources through CRECA allows Financial Federal Bank to better serve our commercial real estate investors across the country when conventional lending sources are not a good fit,” he said.